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[MBeauty - platki oczyszczajace]

MBeauty Cosmetics co., ltd. is a dynamic company which produces innovative cosmetics for home and professional use. In spite of its relatively young age – 11 years – the products manufactured by Mbeauty Cosmetic are widely known in Asia, USA, Middle east and Europe and highly appreciated both by professional cosmeticians and clients of prestigious beauty salons. MBeauty Cosmetic has created a range of mask packs which will help with deep treatment of various skin types with nutrients. All ingredients are thoroughly selected and refined and they have undergone complicated multi-stage handling processes which provide the high quality and hypo allergenic features of the product.

MBeauty Cosmetics - płatki oczyszczające

A series of three cleansing facial pads that perfectly cleanse the skin, provide nourishing ingredients, add radiance to the skin and exfoliate dead skin cells. Each pad works in two phases because it has a double-sided structure. The use of the appropriate side of the pad ensures thorough cleansing and an additional care effect, depending on the selected variant. The cleansing pads can be used not only at home, but also when traveling.