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[About us]

4Beauty 4You is an omnichannel beauty products distributor in Poland.

We have made it our mission to bring unique beauty brands from all over the world to Poland. Brands which offer high-quality products answering customers’ expectations and representing newest trends in the beauty industry. We are proud to be an exclusive distributor of some amazing products in Poland and introduce them to our local business partners and Polish consumers.

Our Values

Fair cooperation, reliable partnership. We will always aim to seek outcomes satisfactory to all parties involved. We believe that straightforward approach is the best business practice.

Credibility, trust and respect. These values lie in the core of what we do. They embody the standard of care that is present in all aspects of our company's operations.


We never stop in our desire to improve.

We know that only by being up to date with current market trends and openness to new ideas we can aspire to become the market leader.

Our passion for constant development and innovation means that we always seek new opportunities and stay on top of research and beauty news in the world. As a result, we can continuously offer unique products from a wide range of categories, creating a continuously growing assortment.

[Grow your business]

Grow your business with us!

If your company is looking for an opportunity to expand into another market, we can make it happen. We have already introduced a wide range of international beauty brands in Poland.

We will work with you directly – and decrease in operational complexity will result in the costs reduction and better price offering for the consumers.

We will focus on creating a market entry strategy that will deliver a successful launch of your brand. Our scope of work can cover anything from establishing target group through to the communication and sales strategy.

We work closely with all our partners and come up with customised approach that works for your products.


Poland is THE PLACE to be

Based in the heart of Central and Eastern Europe, Poland is one of fastest growing economies on the continent. Polish customers are ever so curious and open to trying new brands if they provide them with a great value and offer new experience.

As the biggest country in Central Europe, Poland is also home to millions of Easter European citizens who have a huge brand awareness building potential and create an opportunity to expand beyond Polish Eastern borders in the future.


What kind of beauty brands we are looking for?

Innovative, trendy, unique. Our mission statement – “for beauty, for you” – highlights that we are always looking for beauty products offering the highest quality and unique properties for our customers.


What do you get in return?

We offer exclusive distribution of your products, design and execute the go-to-market scenario including marketing, sales and logistics.

Whilst respecting the brand identity we will make sure that not only we have a successful entry but also a long future in Poland.


Why should you partner up with us?

Indeed we have a clear vision and great focus, but we are also backed by vast management experience from over 30 years of working in the beauty industry, managing some of the most renowned brands and global market leaders.

We will provide an entirely new and innovative perspective on how to bring a new brand into this highly competitive market, making sure that your products not only reach the shelves of the beauty stores but also successfully remain on them in the future!


Interested in finding out more?

Great work ethic, responsible partnership, reliability, mutual respect and trust – these are values that our company is built on.

If you are interested in joining our ever-growing family of likeminded business partners why not meet up and discuss our future together? Looking forward to hearing from you!